From Barakat Bello, to Uwa Omozuwa, to Hiny Umoren, to Osinachi, who could be NEXT?


The Rising Child Foundation, supported by the GYM is calling for young female GBV champions to join in the fight against Gender Based Violence and help STAMP OUT GBV in Kwara State.

The organization aims to train 25 young females that will be regarded as GBV Champions. They will be educated on GBV and its implications on the society, trained on how to use social media – majorly Twitter – to advocate of GBV-related issues, and what they can do to reduce the spread of GBV in their respective communities.

At the end of the training, we will create a Kwara Gender Action Group that will comprise participants at the training. The group will work in local communities across Kwara to create awareness on GBV issues, track and report cases of violent abuse against women, and advocate for redress for victims and punishment for the offenders.

Are you as passionate as us in the fight against GBV, then you should JOIN US by clicking on the link below;