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Complete the test

Answer the questions to help you identify gender-based violence in its most subtle forms 

Break the silence

Learn how to speak up against gender-based violence. 

Support survivors

Help survivors of gender-based violence heal and regain their lifestyles 

Know when to Sorosoke

When is silence not golden?

Sometimes, we unknowingly perpetuate Gender-based violence by keeping silent in the face of victimisation. We created this project to help people realize what constitutes gender-based violence and to help identify the thin lines between enabling abusers and protecting survivors. 

Gender-based violence is largely contributed to by religious and socio-cultural norms. Identifying these myths and how to diplomatically break the hold on the psyche of people will help put us in a better place as a society. 

Also, getting support for survivors of gender based violence is often not as easy as it should be as many people are not aware of the ways to channel their reports and seek redress for gender-based violence. 

Laws against gender-based violence are often ineffective because people are not aware of such legal provisions and are therefore unable to enforce the rights granted to them by these laws.

Policies are also sometimes disconnected from social realities as policymakers sometimes can’t identify the best ways to help survivors. Hence, the platform also seeks to get answers on how best survivors of Gender-based violence can be assisted. 

The goal of dismantling social establishments and other underlying factors that enable gender-based violence is one that must involve every one – young, old, male, and female. 

Play your part

Why you should Sorosoke…

Silence is endorsement

When it comes to gender-based violence, not being an abuser is simply not enough. Actively campaigning against gender-based violence in all its forms and manifestations is needed to turn the tables around and create a safe and secure society for women and girls.

We need people to know

Awareness around gender-based violence in terms of what constitutes it and how we can fight it as a society is necessary. When you speak up, you are passing across a message – that society will no longer tolerate the abuse of women and girls.

We also need people to know what can be done and what they should do in the fight against gender-based violence.

We are all victims

The effects of gender-based violence are pervasive. In whatever form GBV is manifested, there is a negative ripple effect created and your action or inaction can go a long way in righting a wrong. 

Gender Based Violence quiz

Are you a GBV Champion?, Let's find out

Know the Law

The Violence against Persons Prohibition Act is one of the laws that can be invoked to protect the rights of women and girls. The Child Rights Act 2003 also protects children from forced marriages, forced labour and other forms of abuse. It would be of great benefit for you to familiarize yourself with these laws. 

Remember, eradicating GBV in Nigeria requires your participation. Silence is not golden!


Women Safe House Sustenance Initiative – 08121133399

Cece Yara – 08182417752